January 28th, 2024 | Real Estate Advice

What are the Signs You’ve Found a Great Realtor®?

Whether buying, selling, or investing, Ottawa real estate provides an excellent foundation for a lifetime of financial security. With a high number of government positions and innovation in technology, it’s one of the best places for someone seeking advancement or opportunity. 

In addition, there are few cities that offer the combination of safety and security along with a vibrant arts and culture scene and fantastic entertainment and dining. There’s something for everyone here, from families and single professionals to empty nesters looking for a high quality of life in their retirement years.

The local market is dynamic and fast-changing, which makes professional guidance invaluable when navigating Ottawa real estate. The very best way is to find a Realtor®  with the skills and expertise to allow you to achieve your goals and who also cares about you as a person, not just a client. Though there are many agents in the Ottawa area, it can be challenging to find just the right fit. What are some of the signs to look for that you’ve found the right expert to represent you?

Passionate About Real Estate

Many people try to avoid thinking or talking about their job after hours. But for a Realtor® who is passionate about the market, real estate is much more than a job. Every day, we have the privilege of helping someone reach a long-awaited goal or overcome one of life’s toughest challenges.

There’s nothing like the smile on the face of someone who never thought they’d be able to buy a house, yet there they are with the keys in hand. Real estate is a people industry, and a dedicated agent is there to support clients through good times and bad.

When you meet a Realtor® who can’t stop talking about real estate even around the dinner table, it’s because their heart is truly in the right place and they genuinely care about their clients’ well-being and happiness.

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Extensive Neighbourhood Knowledge

Another sign of a great Realtor® is that they have laser-focused insight and experience with the neighbourhoods they work in. And they aren’t just knowledgeable; they’re filled to the brim with enthusiasm about all of the amenities and benefits that each area has to offer. 

From the popular and hopping, best shops and restaurants to the abundance of beautiful parks and green spaces, your real estate agent has the inside track to it all. For families looking for a particular school within a catchment area, your Realtor® can help you find a house in just the right postal code. If you want to be close to public transit or great healthcare facilities and community centres, they will cheerfully review your options with you.

Thrives in Good Markets and Bad

Though Ottawa real estate is only becoming more valuable over the long term, that doesn’t mean it is always smooth sailing. As a buyer, you can be up against competition that drives prices higher.

As a seller, high interest rates and economic uncertainty can cause buyers to hesitate and sales activity to slow down. While any real estate agent can excel when conditions are in their favour, it takes vast experience, instinct, and knowledge to thrive when times are challenging. 

If the Realtor® you’re considering has been through it all and helped clients succeed no matter what, they may just be an excellent partner to work with.

Works Full-Time in the Industry

The intense seller’s market we saw from late 2019 to early 2022 attracted many new agents to the industry. Many went on to learn, grow, and thrive in the challenging market that followed. However, others only dabbled in real estate part-time.

When considering a professional to represent your transaction, it’s often best to choose someone who works as a full-time agent. Buying and selling a house requires experience and expertise but can also be a significant time commitment. 

A part-time agent who must schedule viewings around their regular job can severely limit your potential. As a seller, they’re only showing your home on weekends or evenings. As a buyer, they simply don’t have the time to network and research available but hard-to-find listings. 

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or selling your starter home to move up the property ladder, a real estate transaction always represents a major change in your life. A full-time Realtor® who is knowledgeable and will commit to a high level of service is sure to result in a far better experience.

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Friendly and Approachable

Experience, knowledge, passion, and a finely tuned instinct are all excellent signs that you’ve found a great Realtor® who will help you achieve your goals. However, they should be friendly and courteous above all. What good is all that expertise if you aren’t comfortable picking up the phone or sending an email? Or worse, they don’t respond when you do reach out.

When dealing with such a significant milestone, a good real estate agent will always make you feel welcome and will happily answer all of your questions. Whether you have concerns about an upcoming transaction or just need some reassurance, a great Realtor® is there for you whenever you need them most.

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